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Commercial Packaging Capabilities.

Sixto Packaging offers a full spectrum of commercial packaging capabilities, including:

Graphics Engineering Services

Our graphics engineering experts will optimize your flexible packaging artwork to be accurately rendered during the flexographic printing process.

Flexographic Printing

At Sixto we offer outstanding 8-color flexographic printing on even the most demanding substrates up to 53” wide, ensuring attractive packaging.

Solvent less Laminating

We offer an array of laminations including Paper, Foil, BOPP, Nylon, LDPE, and PET. Our laminations reflect our commitment to quality production.

Custom Finishing

Sixto Packaging offers High-speed, precision slitting in widths up to 55 inches. Our packaging is produced to stringent quality specifications, with special care taken for specific customer needs without comproxmising quality.


We can arrange for our high-quality packaging material to be converted into preformed pouches and bags with a variety of special features including stand up pouches with zipper, center seal, quad seal, side seal and sideweld poly.

Shrink Sleeve

Sixto Packaging can print and convert vibrant shrink sleeves using its state of the art seamers. Special care is taken to ensure vibrant form filled packaging that catches the eye of captivated consumers and reflects brand excellence.

Forming, Filling, & Sealing

Sixto Packaging works with an extensive network of contract packaging companies and can refer you to a contract packaging company if you need forming, filling, and sealing capabilities. With the same dedication to top quality service and commitment to quality as Sixto Packaging our network ensures final products are nothing short of perfect.


For over 40 years Sixto Packaging has upheld a reputation in the packaging industry for manufacturing material that performs consistently. Our laminations are produced to stringent quality specifications, with traceability from start to finish. Sixto Packaging maintains a GMP manufacturing environment and conducts regular quality audits. While some flexible packaging manufacturers have reformulated to the cheapest raw materials available, we continue to use high-quality materials in our packaging.


We make a broad range of run sizes, easily accommodating both small and large jobs. On the same note ample capacity for urgent orders. Sixto Packaging has the ability to serve some of the most demanding flexible packaging applications, all while maintaining the same commitment to quality materials & service that Sixto Packaging is known for.