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Shrink Sleeve Growth Fuels Technology

The average supermarket shopping list usually includes a product type rather than specific brands. Although, many consumers enter retail outlets with a predisposition to a certain brand, many times the final decision is made in the aisle. Many factors come into play during that split second decision. Brand name recognition and brand loyalty, and past experiences, are among the top factors ...Download Full Article

Flexible Packaging for Coffee: The Eco-Friendly Option

The evolution of packaging has significantly affected the way many products are processed, packaged, transported, and ultimately sold on store shelves. One area within the broader retail food/beverage sector that has benefited from the extensive packaging options available is the coffee market. Advances in high barrier materials have allowed many coffee roasters to extend the shelf life of their products, use high graphic eye catching designs, reduce their carbon foot print, all the while saving considerable money. ...Download Full Article

Sustainable Films & Substrates: Degradable or Recyclable?

Sustainability and bioplastics, once considered a fad by many in the packaging industry, has quickly emerged as a main driver for Research and Development (R&D) investment and innovation. According to recent studies by Ceresana Research and The Freedonia Group, the global bioplastics market will expand 17.8 per cent annually and reach nearly $2.9 billion million by 2015. ...Download Full Article

Sustainability and Bioplastics, Once Considered a Fad

Bioplastics can be defined as a plastic that is either biodegradable, composed of biological materials or both. The most common bioplastics today are starchbased followed by polylactic acid (PLA). Several companies already produce PLA films that are synthesized from processed corn. These films come from renewable resources and may biodegrade under certain conditions. Furthermore, making PLA requires 30 percent to 50 percent less fossil fuel ...Download Full Article

Every Client is Family At Sixto Packaging

Print…Laminate…Slit—it all happens at Miami-based Sixto Packaging, where short run lengths, short lead times and a diverse and niche market-minded clientele are key ingredients in day-to-day plant operations. Here, flexible packaging buyers from familiar names like Badia Spices, Banah Sugar, Goya Foods, Winn Dixie, Aldi, Food City, and Sedano’s Supermarkets demand quality graphics that instantly make emotional and cultural connections with their target customers. ...Download Full Article